Welcome Home

Step through the gate and join the House, where possibilities are limitless and the future is yours to shape

The winds of transformation...

It is clear that something needs to change in order to move forward.

HOFR: House of Frenchies is here to catalyze that change.   

To challenge the memespace and how memecoins act! 

Together we are building a real yield and revenue generating ecosystem for the people.

That is the reason why we are 

“Yield lovers pet shop”

Come and build your Home in the cryptospace! 

Together we conquer the Dogs: Shiba Inu and Dogecoin… will learn to respect us

The Golden French Bullog, Mr. Frenchie

Contract Adress: 0x8dF0F585c1d4a76B473dfb85aB55e693f7B50020

Mr. Frenchies Journey

Mr. Frenchie ran away from the pitch-black sky and went to new horizons to see the rising sun is bringing new hopes! 

He realized crypto is full empty promises and that the actions that Teams portray is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. To make a difference and halt this madness he went out and brought the most excellent characters together which think: 

“Actions speak louder than words and that patience is well rewarded!”

Mr. Frenchie understood, that with the right materials it is easy to construct a House, but only with reliable and unbounded friendship you can build Home. 

A place were affection and trust be can found… a place where we can thrive together. 

If you know you’re going home the journey is never too hard.


Contract Adress: 0x8dF0F585c1d4a76B473dfb85aB55e693f7B50020

How To Buy

Contract Adress: 0x8dF0F585c1d4a76B473dfb85aB55e693f7B50020




Opening Dog House

Frenchies Openworld

1000 HOFR Holder 


Marketing Campaign

Frenchies Browser Games

500 HOFR Holder



Frenchie NFT Collection 


Frenchie Tournament

Frenchie  Beat ’em Up Browser Game

250 HOFR Holder


Presentation of 1st Frenchie NFTs and AR Masks

Establishing HOFR Fashion Brand

Publish 1st On-Chain Game

Launching dApp 

Publish Initial Whitepaer V0 




Installment of Governance Council 

Partnership with + Kaso2ka Ventures 

Stealth Launch (Sep. 2022) 



Rebranding HOFR with new 

Coingecko Listing 

Liquidity Injection (Locked for 5 Years) 

HOFR Farms

HOFR Staking (Start 17.02.23)

LP Staking (Start 10.02.23)

House of Frenchies

The Dog House a place for friends to come together, have fun, learn, educate and mingle. Playing and participating in the Dog House will therefore require Frenchie Token. With these Token, then people can play or participate in all kind of events. Or Frenchie Holders can be directly part of the Dog House by additionally owning NFTs which can be staked in various rooms of the Dog House, stakers will then be rewarded with the yield of the Dog House. The Dog House is committed to bring new people to crypto! For this Frenchies Dressing Room and Mr. Frenchies unique Fashion clever combined with the Token will allow the on-boarding of new people to the Dog House.
It is important to know that the Dog House will be residing on the Binance-Blockchain.


Core Team

Frenchies Coin Logo



A mad scientist and true educator by day and a Degen by night. Working and educating people in and around the crypto space since late 2016.

Frenchies Coin Logo

Mr. Frenchie


Over 20 years of leading IT, Finance, and Global Energy projects.  Mr Frenchie has experience working with Fortune 500 companies and has been in the crypto space since 2017.

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the tough Cookie

Leveraging 15 years of consulting, finance and data analysis experience on helping crypto projects succeed for +5 years.


Frenchies Coin Logo


the kind hearted

AC_blacksmith is forging the design of Frenchies and giving them the unique identiy they have. 


Frenchies Coin Logo


the aesthete

Adzilla is a true aesthete, with an eye for the uniqueness of art and everything which we call timeless beauty.


Frenchies Coin Logo


The Solidity Master

15 years of engineering experience with a passion for learning and building new things. Digging into the trenches of web3 and learning all there is to offer.


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